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NOTAM Guidance Material


  • Planned NOTAM/SNOWTAM Outages

The NOTAM Office will be unable to issue NOTAM/SNOWTAM due to planned European AIS Database (EAD) Outages. During these times, only time critical NOTAM will be transmitted on an X series if sent to EGGNYNYX. Additionally, PIB generation via this site will not be available. Contingency PIB can be accessed at HTTPS://WWW.NATS.AERO/DO-IT-ONLINE/PRE-FLIGHT-INFORMATION-BULLETINS/

Outage time are as follows:  

Date: 28-May-2024 from 20:05 to 21:05 UTC

Please ensure you brief before and after these times. 

  • SNOWTAM Proposals

When you submit your next SNOWTAM please email the UK NOTAM Office (notam.proposals@nats.co.uk.) informing them of your submission, they will confirm receipt or provide further advice. 

If you require further assistance the UK NOTAM Office can be contacted H24: 01489-612488 / 01489-612489.  

The issue above is only affecting SNOWTAMS, NOTAMS are unaffected. Please share this with your ANSP if they submit SNOWTAMS on your behalf. 

  • NOTAM Q Code Change for Paragliding and Hang Gliding Activities

With effect from 01 Mar the UK will implement a change of NOTAM code for Paragliding and Hang Gliding. These activities will now be coded as WG and not WP.


Advice to Aerodrome Operators related to High Speed Rail 2 (HS2) or other long-term construction projects within their Safeguarding areas.

For long term cranes notification(s), Aerodrome Operators are suggested to consider the use of AIP Supplements to AD 2.10 in advance to satisfy the notification requirements. For more information please see the NOTAM Guidance available on the AIS website or contact the UK NOTAM Office.

NOTAM Guidance Material

Guidance on how to submit a NOTAM can be found here.

Q Codes NOTAM Selection Criteria

Guidance on Q Codes and NOTAM selection criteria can be found here.


The NOTAM Request Form is available, as a contingency, to sponsors that have lost their AFTN Connection.

NOTAM for unusual aerial activities such as Drones etc are not to be sent direct to the NOTAM office. If your activity is within an aerodrome’s FRZ then please contact them direct, if outside then contact the CAA via arops@caa.co.uk (office hours only). Further guidance can be found in the NOTAM Guidance Material on this page.

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NOTAM Request Form Download

NOTAM Position Collection

The following link provides a means to collect or check a NOTAM position using a Google Earth overlay. It remains the responsibility of NOTAM sponsors to ensure the accuracy of positional (and all other) data supplied to AIS here


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Template NOTAM for reduced services at aerodromes due to COVID-19 Download
EACCC COVID-19 Harmonised NOTAM Format Download
Implementation of contingency arrangements to reduce the risks of the spread of COVID-19 Download
Common restrictions published via NOTAM (incl COVID-19 related) Download