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The Precision Approach Terrain Chart (PATC) provides detailed terrain profile information within a defined portion of the final approach so as to enable aircraft operating agencies to assess the effect of the terrain on decision height determination by use of radio altimeters. The chart is required to portray, in plan and profile, details of the terrain in an area 120m by 900m extending from the runway threshold along the extended centreline of the runway. The upper limit of the profile is defined by the 3° glide slope based on the ILS Reference Datum elevation. Terrain or any feature differing by ± 10ft in height from the centre line profile is shown. The runway threshold and elevation is shown and all heights related to this. Features shown include vegetation, hard, temporary, roads and railways, which have sufficient levels to show their surface elevation (in the case of rivers, high and low tidal variations.) The projected heights of mobile obstacles are shown on the profile, as is the maximum height of vessels which may use waterways. Click on the chart names below to view:

Aerodrome Chart Title Date Download
EGAA Belfast/Aldergrove Rwy 17 May 2001 Download
EGAA Belfast/Aldergrove Rwy 25 May 2001 Download
 EGBB  Birmingham Rwy 15 November 2016 Download
 EGBB  Birmingham  Rwy 33 November 2016 Download
EGHH  Bournemouth  Rwy 26 March 2009 Download
EGGD  Bristol  Rwy 27 March 2001 Download
EGCN Doncaster Sheffield Rwy 20 November 2016 Download
EGNX East Midlands  Rwy 09 February 2001 Download
EGNX East Midlands Rwy 27 February 2001 Download
EGPH Edinburgh  Rwy 06 June 2011 Download
EGPH  Edinburgh  Rwy 24 June 2011 Download
EGPF Glasgow Rwy 05 May 2001 Download
EGPF Glasgow  Rwy 23 May 2001 Download
EGNS Isle of Man Rwy 08 May 2001 Download
EGNS  Isle of Man  Rwy 26 May 2001 Download
EGNM  Leeds Bradford  Rwy 32 September 2007 Download
EGGP Liverpool Rwy 27 November 2021 Download
EGKK London Gatwick  Rwy 08R October 2001 Download
EGKK  London Gatwick  Rwy 26L October 2001 Download
EGLL  London Heathrow  Rwy 09L June 2009 Download
EGLL London Heathrow  Rwy 09R June 2009 Download
EGLL London Heathrow  Rwy 27L February 2001 Download
EGLL  London Heathrow Rwy 27R February 2001 Download
EGGW  London Luton  Rwy 08 November 2010 Download
EGGW London Luton  Rwy 26 November 2010 Download
EGSS London Stansted  Rwy 04 April 2010 Download
EGSS London Stansted  Rwy 22 February 2010 Download
EGCC  Manchester  Rwy 05L July 2007 Download
EGCC  Manchester  Rwy 23R July 2007 Download
EGNT  Newcastle Rwy 07 April 2001 Download
EGNT Newcastle  Rwy 25 April 2001 Download
EGHQ Newquay Rwy 30 March 2009 Download