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Amendments for Helicopter Routes in the London CTR and the London City CTR

Edition 19 effective 03 Dec 2020

The chart updates listed below are collected from a number of sources, and considered to be as reliable as possible. The Civil Aviation Authority whilst exercising great care in the compilation of this information, will not be responsible either for the accuracy or omissions therein. In the interests of safety, reference should always be made to the UK AIP, AICs, NOTAM and Pre-Flight Information Bulletins.

Chart users should refer here for the current list of En-Route Air Navigation Obstacles.

Amendments already effective

Reference Effective Details of Amendment
0000 03/12/2020 New Edition
The latest edition of this VFR Chart will be/was released on 3 December 2020, and will be available for purchase from the usual stockists from this date. At this point amendments listed on this website are only applicable to the latest edition
The minimum height for land-based obstacles depicted on the VFR Charts is changing from 300ft AGL to 100M (328ft) AGL. As before, a small number of obstacles below this height are shown for landmark purposes.
04934 01/12/2021 KENLEY (EGKN)
Govt./mil. aero site at 511821.46N 0000536.37W: change frequency from 120.775 to 119.760.
04682 30/12/2021 UK AIP ENR 5.1 - RESTRICTED AREAS
EG R156 Windsor Castle
A new restricted area is to be established: a circle, 1.25 NM radius, centred on 512902N 0003614W, SFC-2500ft ALT. Add R156 to legend notes 37 (Southern England & Wales) and 23 (Sheet 8 England South).
05196 19/05/2022 DENHAM (EGLD)
Civil aero site at 513518N 0003047W: Local Flying Area vertical limit to be raised from 1000ft to 1200ft.

Amendments yet to become effective

Reference Effective Details of Amendment