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Amendments for Sheet 7 - The West & South Wales

Edition 13 effective 07 Oct 2021

The chart updates listed below are collected from a number of sources, and considered to be as reliable as possible. The Civil Aviation Authority whilst exercising great care in the compilation of this information, will not be responsible either for the accuracy or omissions therein. In the interests of safety, reference should always be made to the UK AIP, AICs, NOTAM and Pre-Flight Information Bulletins.

Chart users should refer here for the current list of En-Route Air Navigation Obstacles.

Amendments already effective

Reference Effective Details of Amendment
0000 07/10/2021 New Edition
The latest edition of this VFR Chart will be/was released on 07 Oct 2021, and will be available for purchase from the usual stockists from this date. At this point amendments listed on this website are only applicable to the latest edition.
04572 04/11/2021 UK AIP ENR 5.1 – DANGER AREAS
EG D123, D124, D125, D126, D128
Update to DACS/DAAIS contact details in chart legends and on the Southern England & Wales Frequency Reference Card.
Service: For a DACS contact Boscombe Down ATC on 126.700 or, when Boscombe Down closed, for a DAAIS contact London FIR.
05033 13/01/2022 HAVERFORDWEST (EGFE)
Amend all instances of frequency 122.205 to 123.605 on chart graphic and in chart legend.
04851 24/02/2022 UK AIP ENR 5.1 - DANGER AREAS
EG D201 Aberporth & D202 West Wales
Change DACS frequency 119.650 to 120.835 in chart legends and Southern England & Wales Frequency Reference Card. All other details remain the same.
05222 24/02/2022 EAGLESCOTT (EGHU)
Civil aero site at 505542.00N 0035922.00W: change all instances of frequency 123.000 to read 123.010 on charts and Southern England & Wales Frequency Reference Card.
04971 24/03/2022 UK AIP ENR 5.1 - DANGER AREAS
EG D036, D037, D038, D039, D040 Portsmouth
Vertical limits for all Areas changed to 10000ft, occasional 55000ft. Amend height annotations on chart to read '/10.0, OCNL/55.0'.
05143 19/05/2022 GLOUCESTERSHIRE (EGBJ)
Civil aero site at 515339N 0021002W: change RWY 18/36 on charts from white line to solid blue line, due to runway closure.
05552 19/05/2022 BOSCOMBE DOWN (EGDM)
Govt./mil. aero site at 510911.91N 0014503.64W: change RWY 17/35 on charts from white line to solid magenta line, due to runway closure.
05712 14/06/2022 DAFEN
Add unlicensed civil heli site at 514156.22N 0040710.31W, with elevation 98ft AMSL.
05230 16/06/2022 UK AIP ENR 5.3 - HIRTA
Amendments and additions to UK HIRTAs:
COLERNE - A circle, 0.9NM radius, centred at 512639N 0021640W, with upper limit of 3700ft ALT
CROUGHTON - A circle, 1.2NM radius, centred at 515916N 0011112W, with upper limit of 2900ft ALT
MADLEY - A circle, 2NM radius, centred at 520153N 0025023W, with upper limit of 6700ft ALT
PERSHORE - A circle, radius 0.6NM, centred at 520841N 0020217W, with upper limit of 700ft ALT
05385 14/07/2022 PEMBREY (EGFP)
Civil aero site at 514250N 0041844W: delete ATZ symbology and magenta tint. Remove entry from UK Aerodrome Traffic Zones (ATZ) Services/RT Frequencies (MHz) in chart legends.
05509 11/08/2022 LEE-ON-SOLENT (EGHF)
Civil aero site at 504856N 0011224W: change all instances of frequency 118.925 to 118.930 on charts and Southern England & Wales Frequency Reference Card.
05738a 11/08/2022 COLERNE (EGUO)
Govt./mil. aero site at 512627.88N 0021644.69W: add note to chart legends regarding Aerodrome Traffic Zone (ATZ) active by NOTAM/notified.
05738b 11/08/2022 LYNEHAM
Disused/abandoned aero site at 513018N 0015936W: remove Aerodrome Traffic Zone (ATZ) and all text except for aerodrome name. Remove entry from Legend ATZ Notes.
Glider site at 505107N 0031639W: change annotation '/3.0' to '/4.0'.

Amendments yet to become effective

Reference Effective Details of Amendment
06216 26/01/2023 WINSTONE (WIN) DME
Add new DME at 514726.30N 0020300.77W with annotation WIN 115.75 DME.
Review of VRPs in the southern half of the UK. Various changes including removal of some VRPs, introduction of new VRPs and renaming of other VRPs. Further information to follow.