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Amendments for Sheet 4 - The Borders

Edition 13 effective 14 Jul 2022

The chart updates listed below are collected from a number of sources, and considered to be as reliable as possible. The Civil Aviation Authority whilst exercising great care in the compilation of this information, will not be responsible either for the accuracy or omissions therein. In the interests of safety, reference should always be made to the UK AIP, AICs, NOTAM and Pre-Flight Information Bulletins.

Chart users should refer here for the current list of En-Route Air Navigation Obstacles.

Amendments already effective

Reference Effective Details of Amendment
0000 14/07/2022 New Edition
The latest edition of this VFR Chart will be/was released on 14 July 2022, and will be available for purchase from the usual stockists from this date. At this point amendments listed on this website are only applicable to the latest edition
05624 08/09/2022 BARROW/Walney Island (EGNL)
Civil aero site at 540743N 0031603W: aerodrome name to be changed to WALNEY. All other details to remain the same.
06516 11/01/2023 TURNBERRY (TRN) VOR
Declination updated from 2.5°W to 1.2°W
06527 11/01/2023 TALLA (TLA) VOR
Declination updated from 2.1°W to 0.9°W
06528 11/01/2023 ST ABBS (SAB) VOR
Declination updated from 1.7°W to 0.2°W
06562 17/01/2023 GLASGOW (GOW) VOR
Declination updated from 2.1°W to 1.0°W
06569 17/01/2023 ISLE OF MAN (IOM) VOR
Declination updated from 2.0°W to 0.8°W

Amendments yet to become effective

Reference Effective Details of Amendment
Review of VRPs in the northern half of the UK. Various changes including removal of some VRPs, introduction of new VRPs and renaming of other VRPs. Refer to Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC) Y107/2022.